Welcome to the Animazement Community Archive

Mission of the project? Save convention stuff.

Anime conventions have been an important part of anime fan culture in the United States for decades. However, it’s often difficult to research and track down artifacts from specific cons in the past. This project is going to try and fix that, at least in some way.

The AZ Fan Archive Project is a community archive that seeks to preserve and share artifacts from the 20+ year history of the Japanese anime and culture convention, Animazement. AZ has been an annual anime con in Raleigh, NC since the late 1990s and the history of this event should be preserved for future generations of fans and researchers.

What’s anime? Click here. What’s Animazement? Click here.

What’s a community archive? Click here.


We’re hoping to build a comprehensive collection of all Animazement Guidebooks


Photos from the convention across the years

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